LABBROS. Massage Chair Mobile Showroom™

LABBROS. Massage Chair Mobile Showroom™ - LABBROS. Health & Wellness

LABBROS. Health & Wellness™ is launching a brand new project LABBROS. Massage Chair Mobile Showroom™.

LABBROS. Health & Wellness™ is a family-owned business in Tampa, FL. They are one of the world's leading Health & Wellness store. They are a fast-growing company because they always put "Relationship" first. They believe in cultivating long-term relationships with their team, their customers, their business partners, and their communities. 

Today, LABBROS. Health & Wellness announcing their latest project ever in Florida, United State. They are the FIRST and the ONLY ONE massage chair company offering massage chair demonstration at your location.

Robert & Christy: “We Are The Expert of Daiwa Massage Chair™. We focus exclusively on Daiwa Massage Chair. We worked closely with trained practitioners of Japanese Shiatsu Bodywork. By capturing these techniques in the robotics of our massage chairs. We make traditional Eastern medicine more widely available to American consumers.

We understand that your time is valuable, our goal is to provide you the ROYAL EXPERIENCE at ANY TIME of YOUR CONVENIENCE! If you can’t make it to our showroom then we are more than happy to arrange a demonstration at your location!

We are mobile! You book We come. It's that simple!"

If you’ve got a question, want to find out more in general or would like to arrange a free demonstration then give them a call on 407-758-0418 or fill in the contact form on this page and they will be in touch to arrange a visit!


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