Quality Control

A Massage chair consists of thousands of components. Every Floridian Brand massage chair sent to our customers has been through standard procedures of product manufacturing, testing, inspection, failure rate reporting, vendor selection, and scoring to control quality. With proper care and occasional maintenance, your chair will provide many years of wellness.

Floridian Brand Massage Chair Parts, Components, Fabric Lifespan


All commercial motors used in Floridian massage chairs have an MTF, which stands Mean Time Failure Rate. The MTF among massage chairs varies significantly. Motors in inexpensive massage chairs might have MTF ratings in the 150-300 hours range, while premium Floridian chairs incorporate commercial-grade motors that can have MTF ratings as high as 10,000 hours.

One particular motor that is prone to failure – even well within the MTF rating – is the massage chair footrest motor. This is the electric motor that moves the footrest up and down in a smooth motion automatically via a pre-set massage program, or manually when you push a button on the remote control or iPhone or Android app. These motors are typically strong enough for normal massage chair use, however, we often see cases of burnt-out motors when children in the household sit on the footrests while they go up and down. Fortunately, these motors are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if this ever happens to your chair.

Air Compressors

The air compressors supply the forced air to fill bladders located either in the arms, back, legs, and feet to create the squeezing function which helps circulation in the body. Typically these air compressors are very durable, especially if there is more than one in a chair. But over time they can become noisy, which is a sign of potential problems as this may signal that the compressor is failing or losing pressure. As in many topics already touched on, the lifespan of the air compressor in your Floridian massage chair at around the 6-7 year mark, or never go out at all.

It’s worth mentioning that massage chair air compressors, in general, are not all that quiet in the first place – due to the sound of rushing pressure through the air hoses and the solenoids that switch the compressor on and off (these solenoids can make a clicking sound, which is perfectly normal).


Just about all massage chairs (just like many super high-end cars) utilize synthetic leather. It is pleasing to the touch, looks just like real leather, and most importantly synthetic holds up better given the constant motion of massage rollers beneath the surface.

But, since the fabric is not included in the massage chair warranty, how long is it supposed to last? With “normal” use the material should last 5-10 years on Floridian massage chairs. This could also depend on environmental properties such as humidity, exposure to sunlight, and extremely high or low heat. We always recommend you place your massage chair in a location that avoids direct sunlight, as this will extend both the lifespan and appearance of the fabric.

Our Test Room

Dropping Test

This is applied to testing the influence extent of goods when it dropped accidentally in transit. And the result is mainly employed to prove the impact resistance of commodity and it’s rationality of package design..

Low Temperature Test

This is used to test our chair’s accessories outfit standards in Low Temperature. Such as for Electronic Components; Spray Lacquer parts; Plastic Cement; Silk-Screen Label, etc.

High Temperature Test

This is used for the environmental test of electronic components. paint parts, plastics, leather, packing materials, rubber, silk printing label, etc. PS: Test Room Temperature: 250°C / 482°F.

Bursting Test

It is suitable for testing the bursting strength of carton, synthetic leather, cloth, leather, thin metal sheet, etc.

The Number of Line Bending Test

This is used for bending test of all wire harnesses involved in the company’s products. Which include power cords, movement wires and other auxiliary wiring harnesses.

Temperature Cycling Test

This is used for the environmental test of electronic components, paint parts, plastics, leather, packing materials, rubber, silk printing label, etc PS: Temperature Range: -40°F-302°C Relative humidity/RH: 38%-98%.

Torsion Resistance Test of Leather

This is mainly used for the resistance of leather, cloth and other materials to fold back and forth. It uses one side of the sample as the inside and the other side as the outside to bend back and forth until the sample is damaged or after bending for a certain number of times, to see the damage degree.

ROHS/Coating Test

This is suitable for environmental monitoring of solid, liquid, powder, CD, film and other types of samples. It adopts the third party standard samples to make work curve and conforms to the laws and regulations of measurement certification.
Three Coordinate: Suitable for precise measurement of all kinds of parts size, such as: mold size, aperture, cylinder, surface and curve;Check dimension accuracy or form deviation of parts PS: Measurement Accuracy: 0.001mm Measurement Range: X: 800mm Y: 1000mm Z: 600mm.

What Can Break In A Massage Chair?


The most common instances of things on a massage chair breaking are those bumps and bruises that can happen during delivery. Because they are bulky and heavy, massage chairs are most often shipped in a box on the pallet, so they can be moved easily from the warehouse to the delivery truck. Still, some carriers are more careful than others, and massage chairs might get bumped – or in the worst cases, dropped to the ground too hard.

So believe it or not, the most common problems in a massage chair – about 90% of the cases we’ve seen – can be traced back to either shipping issues, or improper installation in the home. Fortunately, these are virtually always covered in our warranty, so not a cost for the consumer.

Power Surges to the Motherboard

Unlike a car, your massage chair is susceptible to power surges, static discharges, and poor direct power connections. After any delivery issues, the number one problem we see is the result of customers plugging their massage chair directly into the wall socket without a surge protector or power strip.

Your massage chair has components just like your computer and they are even more susceptible to power fluctuations. Even a small power fluctuation can sometimes cause the motherboard to malfunction right out of the box. Today’s Floridian massage chairs have multiple fuses due to their advanced features, but it’s not always easy depending on the design of the chair to find the fuse that may have blown.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND using a surge protector, or at the very least, a power strip that has surge protection. They are cheap and well worth it. One thing to remember with inexpensive power strips, however, is that they have a small fuse that “trips” during a power surge, and in some cases the power strip will continue to send electric power to devices that are plugged into it. If you have one of those, be sure to check the fuse often, or better yet buy a surge protector.

Static Discharge to the Floridian Massage Chair Remote Control

Everyone has run their feet across a carpet while wearing socks and touched a doorknob to get a shock. That same thing can happen when you touch a massage chair, and this can lead to remote control problems in a massage chair, which can vary depending on the chair’s design. It’s always best to ground yourself – that is, touch something else first before the remote – the armrest of the chair, for example, to avoid that “pop” of discharge.

If you notice your Floridian massage chair is not acting the way it should, or some flickering from the remote, you don’t always need a replacement. Often simply unplugging the chair for 24 hours may reset the issue but if the charge was big enough, you may have to get a new remote. One way to avoid this issue altogether is to make sure the massage chair you buy has a remote that is not hard-wired to the motherboard or rather simply plugs into the base of the massage chair. That way you can just swap out the remote easily if necessary.

Massage Chair Overheating or Overuse

Back to the car analogy, if you run your car at full speed for a long period of time, it will eventually overheat. Floridian massage chairs have a cut-off mechanism that will shut the chair off if it detects overheating. Some lower-end chairs will simply burn out as they don’t incorporate this feature.

Most massage chairs are designed to run (the massage chair’s run rating) for 15 minutes, however, Floridian massage chairs have a run rating of 40 minutes. In either case, it’s recommended that you let the chair rest for at least 10 minutes between massages.


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