Design, Innovation, and Technology

At Floridian Brand, we innovate on behalf of our customers. Our research and development team creates products that are expertly designed to meld form, function, and fashion together.


7″ Touch Screen Tablet

Auto Craft Paint

LED Logo

Instant Access Button

Innovation & Technology

2D Shiatsu Calf Roller

4D Plus Massage Mechanism

65 Airbags Compression Massage System

Auto Body Scanning System

Chromotherapy Programs

Carbon Fiber Heating

Premium S+L Shaped Massage Track

Premium Motorized Leg-rest

Space Saving Technology

Spinal Reflexology Stretch Massage

Triple Reflexology Foot Rollers

True Zero Gravity Experience

Floridian Brand Rebel Massage Chair Floridian Brand Pure Blend Massage Chair Floridian Brand Royal Shell Massage Chair Floridian Brand Champion 2D Massage Chair Floridian Brand Galaxy 2D Massage Chair

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